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First Holy Communion

5 pupils made their First Holy Communion on 22nd May 2015. The staff did a wonderful job of converting the school hall into a fitting venue for the Mass. We were delighted to welcome back Fr. Lumsden. The Parents Association had a party ready in the canteen for the family and friends of all the pupils. It was a great day.

First Holy Communion - White Dress First Holy Communion - White Dress First Holy Communion - Grey Suit First Holy Communion - Cake First Holy Communion - two little ladies First Holy Communion - Grey Suit & Dickie Bow First Holy Communion - At the desk First Holy Communion - ready to cut the cake First Holy Communion - mingling First Holy Communion - look behind you!


The school leaver’s Graduation Dance took place in the Hilton Hotel on Friday 12th June 2015. It was a great night for all our graduates, their families and the school staff. A huge 'Thank You' goes out to Rachel, Lynn and Liz for preparing Mark, Jack, Julianne, Kevin and Ciara for the night. Thank you also to the Parents Association who, as always, surpassed themselves with all the work that went on behind the scenes and their attention to detail on the night.

Graduation - having the lols Graduation - mingling Graduation - Hawaii Graduation - Ballon Frame Graduation - Really Dancin

Caterpillar Project

Our students learned about the lifecycle of a butterfly first hand through May and June. In mid May, each class was given eight tiny caterpillars to name and care for, each in their own private container. The classes were able to observe the caterpillars grow very quickly. They formed chrysalides which were then placed in our “butterfly pavilions”. 10 days later we had 60 beautiful Painted Lady butterflies which were released at the front of the school.

Caterpillar Project - Jar of Caterpillars Caterpillar Project - Caterpillars Caterpillar Project - Jar of Caterpillars Caterpillar Project - Catching Caterpillars Caterpillar Project - Catching Caterpillars Caterpillar Project - Caterpillars on the ground Caterpillar Project - A Caterpillar in the hand is worth...


Santa arrived to the school on Thursday 17th December. He was accompanied by the firemen and the fire engine. A great time was had by all the pupils, staff, Santa and the firemen. This year Santa went to all the classes to meet and talk to the pupils. He gave everyone a present of a selection box before he left.

Senior 3 metting Santa Senior 3 in front of a fire truck Senior 3 ready for action Senior 3 where are we going!? Senior 3 putting ot the fire!

Flag Raising Ceremony

Flag Raising Ceremony - Proclimation Flag Raising Ceremony - Reading Flag Raising Ceremony - Standing to attention Flag Raising Ceremony - Army Man reading Flag Raising Ceremony - listing to music Flag Raising Ceremony - Army man having the craic Flag Raising Ceremony - Milling about Flag Raising Ceremony - Attention! Flag Raising Ceremony - Who's up for a Human Pyramid Flag Raising Ceremony - Group Dance Flag Raising Ceremony - In the hall