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"A huge 'Thank You' to Paul Croft who donated €2000 and the reindeer to our school in December

Paul has donated money to the school over the past few years. We are very appreciative of this gift. It will go towards sensory equipment for all the classes.

St Michaels Special National School

Here at St Michaels Special National School our highly skilled and talented team provides a broad, child-centred curriculum that is relevant, purposeful & tailored to the different learning styles of our pupils. We recognise that every child has a special talent and we will help him or her to develop those gifts to their fullest potential and level of ability to face the challenges of adult life.

Special attention is given to encouraging and nurturing our students confidence and self reliance. As such our teaching styles and methods seek to maximise the pupil’s present and potential independence.

While seeking to develop pupil independence, school and classroom activities promote participation in a wide range of social situations, both within the school and in the local and wider community.


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Such amazing support from so many family members.


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Sports Activities

Swimming at St Micheals


Swimming is a fantasitic way to exercise and relax the body.

Gymnastics at St Micheals


Gymnastics is great fun and extremely rewarding when you get it right!

Football at St Micheals


Football is very popular at school and everyone likes watching the team play.

Horse Riding at St Micheals

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is a great way so see some of the lovely counrtyside in county Dublin

Sports at St Micheals
Sports at St Micheals
Green School Program at St Micheals
School Program

The Green School committee is working really hard toward getting our first green flag for the school. The students involved represent every class. They ensure that every class, the offices, canteen and staff room are equipped with re-cycle bins. They inspect the rooms each week to ensure that everyone in re- cycling. A red flag is posted on the door if any class is not doing their best, a green flag if they are. If you walk around the school you will be sure to see lots of green flags!

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